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Counter Offers

When you accept another position, your current employer will usually give you a counter offer to stay.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

What is a counter offer?

It is any inducement (money, working conditions, promotion, etc.) from your current employer to convince you to stay after you've announced your resignation.

What will your manager say to retain you?

  • We really like you personally.

  • We've been meaning to tell you about the new/exciting project/responsibilities we had in mind for you.

  • We were going to schedule you for training classes.

  • We were just about to give you a raise.

What will your manager be thinking?


  • The project's already behind schedule.

  • I already have to hire one person, this would make two.

  • I don't want to retrain someone else.

  • Maybe I can convince him/her to stay until I can find a replacement.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

What should you do?

  • Why didn't your employer take care of you before? - Do you need to resign in order to get more money, etc.?

  • The money for the counter offer is probably your next raise early.

  • Your coworkers will resent the money, working conditions, promotion, etc. that you'll receive.

  • From now on, your employer will feel uncertain about your loyalty/not fully trust you.

  • Your real reasons for leaving still exist (better commute, better technology/training, more responsibilities, better company).


All of the above is a hassle. Statistics show that you'll still resign within the next six months anyway. You're better off to just move on and gain the money, working conditions, promotion, etc. at your new company.

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